Coming soon: Lucky Oven Bakery

Kristy Dirk, owner of the forthcoming Lucky Oven Bakery, made 275 desserts last weekend in a fundraiser for North Minneapolis-based Cookie Cart. Submitted photo

Savory rolls, breakfast pastries, frozen custard and a wall full of Easy-Bake Ovens are coming to 5401 Penn Ave. S. this fall.

Lucky Oven Bakery comes courtesy of Kristy Dirk, known for her pastry work at spots like Red Wagon Pizza and Salty Tart.

Dirk said she’s designing a happy, warm and welcoming space similar to her Lynnhurst house, where friends of her four children have long raided the pantry.

“My kids are growing up, and now I need a new place,” she said.

Dirk said she loves to bake brioche dough rolls — in addition to cinnamon and caramel rolls, she makes savory rolls filled with ham and cheese or spinach. She also enjoys making pretty and simply-decorated cakes with real buttercream, such as her daughter’s favorite vanilla caramel cake.

She said the menu, featuring “everything I love to eat,” will include biscuits and gravy, hashes, breads, sandwiches and soups, overseen by Chef de Cuisine Adam Beal, who lives in the neighborhood.

Dirk is placing banquette seating along the wall, tables near the front window and counter seating with a view of the open kitchen. She will display 52 Easy-Bake Ovens that she’s collected over time, including the first model from the early 1960s and the first oven Dirk received at age 8.

“That was my start into baking,” she said.

Dirk is trained at the Art Institutes International, and she worked at the Salty Tart for several years. She helped craft restaurant dessert menus with AI instructor Pat Weber at the consulting firm Mise en Place (Weber is also consulting on the Lucky Oven Bakery), and created custard flavors at the former Mosaic Café in Longfellow.

“I’ve wanted to have a bakery for a really long time,” she said. “Everyone who knows me knows I wanted to own a bakery.”

That includes Red Wagon owner Pete Campbell, who noticed an opening at the former Pennhurst Cleaners space, told Dirk about it and personally called the building owner.

The bakery is slated to open in mid-November, operating from 7 a.m.-3 p.m. daily, with breakfast and lunch available all day.