A Pretty Posy builds a business from a backyard garden

Susan Hopp, owner of A Pretty Posy, in her cutting garden.

A Pretty Posy 2Subscribers to A Pretty Posy stop at Susan Hopp’s house in Lynnhurst to collect new fresh-cut bouquets from her backyard garden.

Hopp said arrangements from conventional flower shops may already be weeks old by the time they reach customers.

“Mine were literally picked-to-order this morning,” she said.

She said her arrangements and flower choices tend to evoke a field of wildflowers. As many cutting-garden books come from California authors, Hopp said she’s spent lots of time researching long-lasting flowers for this latitude. She invites other gardeners to visit her home for tips on growing more than 40 varieties that include snapdragons, zinnias, cosmos and lisianthus. (Full sun, stakes, straw, flower preservative and 110-degree water are key tips, she said.)

“My design background is what gives me the artistic flair for putting things together,” she said.

Posy 7Hopp works from home at her design firm 45 Degrees/Minneapolis, so she has more spare time for gardening. She said she started looking for a side project after becoming envious of her husband’s creative outlet as a member of the band The Melvilles.

“We’re all trying to find a creative outlet and mine happens to be flowers,” she said.

Hopp also delivers bouquets for birthday presents, get-well messages, thank-you gifts and other occasions.