Dulono’s shuts down on Lake Street

Dulono’s Pizza is closing its location at 607 W. Lake St. after 60 years, while the location at 118 N. 4th St. remains open.

“For everyone that is understandably upset, this was something that [was] forced on us by the inability to either purchase the property or work out a new lease with the owners,” the restaurant announced on Facebook. “We are making the best decisions that we can with the circumstances that we have been given. … To be fair to them, I don’t know what their plans are. The terms just weren’t financially realistic for us.”

The delivery area remains the same.

“For the 62% of our business which is delivery, nothing will change,” the restaurant said.

The property owner did not immediately respond for comment.

Dulono’s said the Warehouse District location has no space for bike parking.

On the first Thursday of each month, Dulono’s Bike Night drew hundreds of motorcycles spanning a block or two in each direction, according to one concerned cyclist who declined to print his name. He said there are other bike nights in the metro, but this was the primary event in the city. Motorcyclists might continue to congregate in the area and visit food trucks, he said.

“If the weather was good, you could easily get 500-600 motorcycles,” he said.