Now open: Sockasm

Sassy socks are available at Sockasm at Lake & Bryant.

Socks with attitude are now available at a Lake Street storefront formerly home to the Stochastic Art gallery and Bonita’s Extensions and Braids.

“Socks are super popular right now. Donuts used to be just donuts. Socks are like that,” said owner Mike Barr, a Linden Hills entrepreneur who designs a line of socks.

SocksHe said socks can add a flash of personality to work attire. At a dull business meeting, for example, a co-worker could slightly lift a pant leg to reveal socks that say: “This meeting is bullsh-t.”

Sockasm carries socks that feature more than 20 popular dog breeds, political portraits and sassy statements. Samples include: “I love Jesus but I drink a lot,” “Ain’t no bad joke like a dad joke” or “Kick this day in its sunshiny ass.” Matching socks for dads and infants state: “Man of the house” and “Man of the crib.” Another states: “I make awesome babies,” with a matching baby pair: “Proof.”

Socks highlighting the top 50 colleges and universities will be fully stocked by the fall.

“It’s fun to just browse,” Barr said. “…This area is really prime for a store like this.”

The shop operates at 904 ½ W. Lake St.