Wardrobe ReImagined takes a fresh look at the closet

“I’m here to help the woman who hates to shop,” says Carol Osnes, the Armatage resident behind Wardrobe ReImagined. “They hate to shop because they don’t know what they’re looking for. … Women have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.”

The average woman spends $1,600 per year on clothing, Osnes said, but wears only 10-20 percent of her wardrobe.

Osnes said she loves helping women over 50 who are in transition, whether it be a divorce, change in weight or career change. She takes a close look at each woman’s closet and asks her to try on nearly every article of clothing. She makes sure each piece flatters the woman’s body type, coloring and personal style. Some clothing trends — skinny jeans, for example — don’t work for every woman’s body, she said.

“We’re putting every piece up to that standard,” she said. “You put aside what’s not working, and then you have a core wardrobe. Now you can shop the closet.”

Carol Osnes, founder of Wardrobe ReImagined. Photo by John Wagner Photography
Photo by John Wagner Photography

If a client is trying to decide what to wear to a wedding, for example, they might shop the closet for a great top and put together an outfit so all that’s left to buy is a pair of kitten heel black patent shoes.

She advises clients to avoid buying standalone pieces that can’t be mixed and matched with the rest of the closet. Any new article should pair with at least three other pieces in a closet, she said, and it helps to shop with clothing from home.

With fewer pieces, life is simpler, she said.

“Women should be able to pick out an outfit in 15 seconds or less, because everything is working together,” she said. “Now you’re wearing everything.”

And a good deal doesn’t justify a clothing purchase, she said.

“It’s not a good deal if you’re not wearing it,” she said. “It’s better to look at the cost per wear.”

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