Up Yoga opens Nicollet Avenue studio

Lindsay Grabb and John Sinna, owners of Up Yoga. Submitted photo

Up Yoga_1Inside Up Yoga’s heated power vinyasa yoga studio at 4325 Nicollet Ave., instructors are interested in more than posture. They might ask a question for reflection: What are you afraid of? What stories are you telling yourself that prevent you from doing what you want to do?

Lindsay Grabb said inner dialogue on a yoga mat — thoughts about a difficult pose or comparison to a neighbor — can reflect inner dialogue off the mat as well.

“Your yoga mat becomes a mirror to help you figure out what’s holding you back,” she said. “The process of yoga can help people find purpose.”

Mural by local artists Michael Zawlocki and Mason Lytle.
Mural by local artists Michael Zawlocki and Mason Lytle.

The husband-and-wife owners live in Tangletown and trained in the Baptiste Methodology. Grabb has taught at studios across town including Blooma, Yoga Center of Minneapolis and Minnesota Power Yoga, and she’s assembled a team of instructors she’s met along the way (including Brandyn Negri, owner of the former Sigh Yoga). Grabb also taught in Singapore, teaching 10-15 classes per week alongside people with training across Southeast Asia, which steeped her practice in tradition.

Grabb said she and other instructors arrived at the name Up Yoga while having brunch at Grand Café, and she said the name couldn’t be more perfect.

John Sinna crafted the furniture in the studio

“One of my all time favorite quotes is by Robert Ingersoll: ‘We Rise By Lifting Others,’” she said in an email. “I think of this when I think of Up. Lifting others Up.”