Treehouse Records in its final year

The owner of Treehouse Records is retiring.

“The last record store on earth,” according to the T-shirts, is closing Dec. 31.

Owner Mark Trehus said in Facebook posts that he’s happily retiring.

“The decision is based mainly on the excitement of what I have to look forward to in life and in marriage, but today, the sadness of giving up something that I love is overwhelming,” he wrote.

He said condolences are not in order, however.

“I have NO regrets and am doing this not because business is bad or anything like that,” he wrote. “I am doing this because I can best enjoy the rest of my life if I don’t have to tend to the shop. I will reveal a whole lot more later, but it’s ALL GOOD!”

Trehus did not immediately return calls for comment. He posted that he will be looking for a new tenant.

“I can’t imagine that someone would want to continue a record shop in that location, but I’m open to all inquiries,” he wrote. “I keep thinking restaurant or coffee shop, what with the friggin’ Aldi’s and high-rise going in across the street, but whatever it is I hope it’s something that I can feel good about.”

Treehouse Records was preceded at the corner by  Oar Folkjokeopus. Trehus was a longtime manager there, and he purchased the business and renamed it Treehouse in 2001.

“When we opened in 2001, you had to be crazy to do a store focused on vinyl,” former manager Dan Cote told the Southwest Journal on the shop’s 10th anniversary. “At the time, CDs probably accounted for 60 to 70 percent of our sales, vinyl 30 to 40, and that was still a much higher percentage [for vinyl] than other stores in town.”