Mustard Moon & The Rider joins vintage shops at 50th & Xerxes

Mitchell Hall of Mustard Moon & The Rider.

A mother-son team is opening a new antique shop in the former Piccadilly Prairie space at 50th & Xerxes.

The shop will provide a bit of contrast between mother Jane Hall and son Mitchell Hall’s tastes.

MR3Mitchell has leather jackets and graffiti art painted on movie screens. Jane has 60s and 70s era Star Tribune photos ranging from fire emergencies to Dayton’s fashion shoots. The shop includes taxidermy and an old embalming table.

“It’s like Alice in Wonderland,” Jane said. “We like to have odd, unusual and interesting pieces. … It’s kind of Bohemian, but then you’ve got that mixture of a farm cart, chicken feeder, leather-stuffed chair and modern architectural table.”

Jane said she doesn’t repurpose or paint her finds.

“If it’s 100 years old, it’s 100 years old,” she said. “Some of the dirt may go with it.”

Mustard Moon & The Rider_2
Jane Hall describes the shop Mustard Moon & The Rider as “Bell Museum of Natural History meets Harley-Davidson.” Submitted photo

Jane has worked in antique shops since 1999, and in 2001 she started an occasional shop with a friend in the city of Carver. She participated in SHOP 501 in Chaska three years ago. This is her first entrepreneurial venture with Mitchell.

“It’s fun to see how he interprets it, and see what a young eye has to bring,” she said. “I’m not guiding him, and I’m not telling him what to buy. It will be a neat collaboration between the two of us.”

Vintage_4After spending a lot of time and money trying to introduce people to the city of Carver, Jane said it’s nice to open at an antique hub that’s well known.

“There is a built-in destination there,” she said. “That whole corner has a good vibe.”

The shop opens May 18 at 5014 Xerxes Ave. S. Hours are Thursday thru Saturday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.