Minneapolis Farmers Market draws support from new nonprofit

The Minneapolis Farmers Market has launched a nonprofit to support the market.

FARM2FACE2Charitable gifts to the nonprofit would help pay for sculpture and other visual points of interest.

“We need to make it look like less of a city parking lot,” said Market spokesperson Jenny Buck.

New landmarks may also help clarify that there are actually two markets operating on the Lyndale site. The aforementioned market is run by the City of Minneapolis and the Central Minnesota Vegetable Growers Association, with a focus on the producers. It’s been around since 1876, and it’s the only farmers market in Minneapolis operated by farmers. The second market on the south side is the privately-owned Annex, which Buck described as having more of a festival atmosphere.

The nonprofit would also support education each weekend tailored for lower-income families, covering topics like how to can and preserve produce.

“There is a perception people have that [produce] costs more,” Buck said. “It doesn’t if you know how to do it right.”

A future endeavor for the nonprofit is called the Hatchery, dedicated to business development. A free stall would be available to help entrepreneurs starting a business. (T-Rex Cookies, now available at U.S. Bank Stadium, got their start at the Minneapolis Farmers Market.)

“It helps become more clear that we’re not just here to sell produce,” Buck said. “…The Farmers Market is really about community connections to growers who are trying to support their way of life sustainably.”

The market is open daily from 6 a.m.-1 p.m. at 312 East Lyndale Ave. N.

For more information about Friends of the Market, visit mplsfarmersmarket.com.