Julie Madge Interiors has design tips for old homes

Julie Madge has a theory that lots of people think about working with interior designers, but stop short because they don’t have a huge budget or a huge house. That’s where Madge finds her niche, working in Minneapolis and nearby cities.

“I love older homes,” she said.

Julie Madge opened a studio at 815 E. 48th St. Submitted photo
Julie Madge opened a studio at 815 E. 48th St. Submitted photo

Madge said she likes to mix old and new. She tells clients to invest in pieces that matter the most and shop Target, Ikea and flea markets for the rest. She said one important piece is a high-quality area rug.

“Most people have wood floors. I think that’s a great place to invest in rugs that are timeless, going to last, durable and cleanable,” she said.

Madge lives in East Harriet and studied interior design at the University of Minnesota. She’s worked out of the home for more than four years. Now that her youngest of four children is a teenager, Madge is opening a studio at 815 E. 48th St. to showcase her work and meet with clients. She opted to office in a neighborhood setting, rather than the design hub International Market Square near downtown.

“I wanted it to feel approachable and welcoming,” she said.

She’s a full-service interior designer, so clients can work through her to select everything from upholstery to furniture and window treatments.

In smaller spaces, Madge recommends paying close attention to window treatments.

“It can really make a difference in a space,” she said. “If you’re going to do blinds, do it right.”

She takes care to ensure furniture is the right scale, so tight quarters aren’t dwarfed by a deep chair. She likes to use flexible pieces that are mobile or double as seating, such as small ottomans.

She also incorporates pieces that reflect residents’ personalities, like a travel souvenir or a grandmother’s rocking chair.

“You don’t need to go in and buy everything all brand new,” she said. “Interesting places have a mix.”

For more information, visit jmadgeinteriors.com.