Reverie Café + Bar hunts for new home

A new restaurant is slated to take over Reverie's space at Nicollet & Franklin.

Reverie is looking for a new location after losing its space at 1931 Nicollet Ave. to another restaurant. The plant-based café opened nearly two years ago and will remain at Nicollet & Franklin through the end of July.

Property owner Tom Berthiaume said the space wasn’t on the market, but a second party entered lease negotiations and landed the space. He didn’t identify the new venue.

“I’m very excited about the new restaurant that’s coming in,” he said. “It will be a full restaurant.”

Reverie co-owner Kirstin Wiegmann said she was hoping to sign a new five- or 10-year lease at Nicollet & Franklin.

“We were pretty surprised,” she said. “…Ultimately the strength of relationships is what has us rooted in our current spot, and that’s what we want to continue in a new spot. We want to give back to any community that we’re in.”

The owners are looking for an enhanced kitchen (the current one doesn’t have a stovetop) to create a larger plant-based menu and more baked goods.

Wiegmann said it’s been a treat to host so many musicians on the Reverie stage.

“We’ve toyed with the idea of supporting a small music venue as well. We’re still in the dreaming phase,” she said. “There is a need for that, especially in the Southwest area. It would be perfect to keep everything going.”

Reverie isn’t planning to leave quietly — lots of parties are anticipated this summer.

“We want to celebrate like crazy all the really good things that have happened here,” Wiegmann said.