Now open: Bower Boutique at 38th & Grand

Bower Boutique owner Leta Foster at her new shop at 38th & Grand.

“Bower” has three definitions. It’s a place of reflection, the women’s apartment in a medieval castle, and “that sweet spot under a tree where you can sit and read a book,” said boutique owner Leta Foster.

Foster opened Bower Boutique in late March, and she describes her apparel as “sophisticated-casual.” It’s all-day urban wear that works for the business meeting, the PTA meeting and the Target run, she said.

Bower Boutique 2

Foster previously worked as the office manager of a structural engineering firm, and she spent 10 years working at another boutique. She said the experiences provided her with business savvy and soured her on the exclusivity of some high-end stores. At her own shop, apparel prices can range from $27 to $250.

“I wanted to make it more enjoyable for the whole community, because it’s so much fun to shop in places like this,” she said.

The shop’s brands include Dolcezza by Michael Phillips, which adapts artwork designs for clothing; Japanese designer Design Today’s raincoats; and angelrox, which uses breathable bamboo fabric.

Bower Boutique 3

Foster carries sizes up to 3X, understanding that larger sizes can be expensive, hard to find and a challenging fit at other stores. And she carries jewelry made by artists and friends, including pieces made from piano wire and Fair State Brewing cans.

IMG_7854Foster lives a block away, and her employees live in the neighborhood as well — she found them through a post on Nextdoor. She grew up at 32nd & Irving, and although she never moved far from home, she said she loves to travel, especially on shopping getaways to places like Austin and New Orleans.

“I wanted to create somewhere I would want to go,” she said. “I always wanted a store. … It’s now or never.”