Uncommon Gardens building set to become Kitchen Space

"Kitchen Space" is slated to open this spring with four commercial kitchen spaces.

Commercial kitchen spaces are under construction in the former Uncommon Gardens building at 5750 Lyndale Ave. S.

Owner Erin Bailey previously worked as a chef in Chicago, where she owned and operated the catering and gourmet to-go business La Pomme de Pin (named for a century-old Paris brasserie that translates “apple of the pine,” or pinecone).  Bailey also sold her own line of compound butters in flavors like scampi, herb and honey walnut.

Upon returning to the Lynnhurst neighborhood where she grew up, Bailey started thinking about relaunching the butters locally.

“I’m used to having my own kitchen,” she said.

Bailey learned that food trucks have placed a premium on commercial kitchen spaces, forcing some to work in the middle of the night. As businesses grow, she said it can become inconvenient to schedule time on a calendar and haul materials in and out of a busy commercial kitchen.

“It became evident to me that there was a need,” she said.

She’s building four dedicated work stations available for long-term lease — one of which will go to a baby food maker — with space to package, label and cook products. Office space is available upstairs, and outdoor storage space is available for farmers market vendors who want to clear tables and chairs out of their garages.

Bailey is planning an edible garden with raised beds and honey bees. She’s hoping to find an urban grower to take on the garden, and she’s interested in providing a pickup destination for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares.

Kitchen Space is slated to open May 1. For more information, contact [email protected].