Coming soon: St. Paul Bagelry

Sisters Peggy Teed (l) and Dodie Green will open St. Paul Bagelry in April.

The lines run out the door at St. Paul Bagelry in Roseville, where the sister-owned business makes more than 4,000 bagels daily for venues like The Wedge Co-op and Whole Foods. Now they’re spreading some of the bagel production to Tangletown, where the New York oven is now installed and new booths are on the way.

Instead of baking frozen bagels en masse on a rack, St. Paul Bagelry makes them from scratch daily, boiling and baking in smaller batches to achieve the New York-style “chew.” They’re installing a window so kids can watch while the bagel former shapes the dough.

Sisters Dodie Green and Peggy Teed are hoping that residents will come and hang out — the Wi-Fi is free to all, even without purchase, and kids are welcome to check out the shop’s toys.

“I have to go buy the Duplos,” Green said.

The contractor is building a special cabinet for the record player, another St. Paul staple that’s reappearing in Tangletown. Teed said patrons seem to enjoy flipping through the collection of R&B, soul, 70s and 80s albums.

“We yell to customers: ‘Can somebody flip the record?’” Teed said.

“It’s just like a public space where everybody’s having a good time,” Green said.

Staff will serve Dogwood Coffee and fry eggs or fix BLTs on bagels that are “just out of the oven that morning,” Teed said.

She said they’ve become known for the coated Everything bagel, a flavor that rivals plain bagel sales. Wholesale customers say they know a delivery has arrived because they can smell the bagels outside.

“When they’re baked it opens up all those seeds and you get that heavenly smell,” Teed said.

St Paul Bagelry 1

Their 89-year-old father, Pat Duffy, plays a hand in the business as well. His jobs include picking up tomatoes and green peppers from a farmstand in St. Paul. He visits the shop twice a day, every day, to chat with customers.

“He’s such a people person,” Teed said.

The bagelry is currently working to raise $50,000 through a Kickstarter to help offset construction overages. The owners had sticker shock when they discovered the HVAC system would need to extend upward through three floors of apartments.

Mike Sherwood of Pizza Nea launched St. Paul Bagelry in 1994, and the sisters took over the business from him 10 years ago. They previously operated a Maui Wowi smoothie cart franchise, and they were looking for a business that could keep them off the road.

They started out making 250 bagels per day. Now that they’re up to 4,000 a day, they’re hoping the second location will allow them to further expand production.

“I always say the bagels travel more than I do,” Teed said.

The shop is aiming to open in April on the ground floor of the Zest Apartments at 5426 Nicollet Ave.