Minnesota Honey Company moves on

Minnesota Honey Company is leaving its Xerxes Avenue storefront, but the honey will remain on shelves down the street at Vinaigrette.

Vinaigrette will carry the shop’s best-selling honey varieties, some of it whipped and some of it infused with natural flavors. The most popular is the meadow wildflower, which is raw and unfiltered. Honey extracted from the hive is stored and left to crystallize, so the finished product comes with bits of pollen and beeswax.

Some customers seek the raw honey as an immunity booster, owner Deb Flanders said. She said others use honey as a sugar substitute for their kids, to avoid sugar highs and crashes.

“It’s important for many of us to eat more natural sugar,” she said.

The shop’s last day is Feb. 18, and the owners are offering sales to clear out the merchandise.

Minnesota Honey Company will continue operating its wholesale business and online store at mnhoney.net.