Wellness Minneapolis brings holistic care to 45th & Nicollet

Jesse Haas (l) and Sara Jean Barrett have relocated their naturopathic clinic to 45th & Nicollet. Photo by Michelle Bruch

A naturopathic medical practice that operated above Nighthawks has expanded and relocated to 4450 Nicollet Ave., recently adding a fifth doctor.

“It’s all about getting to the root cause here,” co-founder Sara Jean Barrett said.

She said chronic migraines, for example, could be caused by anything from a nutritional deficiency to sleep deprivation, chronic stress, or disrupted circadian rhythms caused by working with screens all day.

“We do not have a one-size-fits-all health care program,” said co-founder Jesse Haas. “We spend a significant amount of time understanding their story.”

Treatments at Wellness Minneapolis can include nutritional coaching, musculoskeletal therapy, massage, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine or reiki.

The clinic also sells its own teas (available to sample in the lobby) formulated to fend off cold symptoms, ease stress or soothe digestion.


Barrett and Haas originally met four years ago at Sun Street Breads — Barrett was new to Minneapolis and looking to begin her naturopathic practice, and Haas was a masseuse and health coach looking for someone to join her wellness studio.

Since Wellness Minneapolis launched in 2014, the practice has tripled in size.

“The team is where the magic is,” Barrett said.

The founders hope to someday open a community clinic with services available for free or at reduced cost. For the moment, they try to keep rates reasonable, offer group programs and work with people with financial limitations.

“We want to pull this out of the fringe and show there’s so much value in holistic care,” said Barrett.