US Internet fiber network crosses the creek

US Internet recently secured city permits to cross Minnehaha Creek and plans to install fiber in Linden Hills and other Southwest neighborhoods in 2017.

Vice President Travis Carter explained that USI doesn’t have the right to build out its fiber network on park land. But he said right-of-way crossing the creek is owned by the city, which allowed USI to secure permits to cross the creek at 50th Street and Nicollet Avenue.

“It’s big news,” he said.

Carter said he’s initially planning to expand the fiber network starting April 1 in Linden Hills and neighborhoods immediately south of Linden Hills, such as Fulton and Lynnhurst. If financial backing is in place and all goes well with weather, construction and permitting, Carter said he’ll extend the fiber network to additional Southwest neighborhoods in a second phase of construction.

USI also plans to extend the fiber network this year in Loring Park, the North Loop and parts of Ward 12 near the river.