Upton 43 seeks full liquor license

File photo by Michelle Bruch

Upton 43 is pursuing a full liquor license, which would require a green light at the state level.

“Upton 43 is seeking a small change in state law which would authorize the city of Minneapolis to approve a full liquor license for the restaurant, similar to what has been passed for other restaurants in the area over the years,” restaurant spokesman Josef Harris said in an email. “Following any action at the Capitol, the Minneapolis City Council would give final approval. We believe offering a full-line of wine, beer and cocktails will enhance the menu pairings and experience for our customers and allow us to pay our staff a higher wage for all their hard work.”

Linden Hills Neighborhood Coordinator Christy Prediger explained that Linden Hills’ commercial district falls short of the seven-acre concentration required for full liquor south of Lake Street. Such regulation was originally designed to prevent bars opening in quiet residential areas. Café Maude and Broders’ pursued a similar legislative exemption years ago, she said.

The Linden Hills Neighborhood Council voted in January to support Upton 43’s pursuit of an expanded license, withholding final support until the restaurant completes the neighborhood engagement process.

Upton 43 recently secured enough votes to make USA Today’s list of the 10 best new restaurants in the country.