SHE SHE designers hand paint wallpaper

Kate Worum (l) and Jennifer Jorgensen, founders of SHE SHE | wallpaper installation, pictured with wallpaper painted in Kingfield. Photo by Michelle Bruch

Two local designers are seeing wallpaper make a comeback, and they’ve started a business hand painting custom installations.

Friends Kate Worum and Jennifer Jorgensen collaborate with clients on original designs.

“I sift through wallpaper all day long, and sometimes I don’t find exactly what I have in mind,” Jorgensen said. “I like the idea of it being an original. … Then you have an original piece of art at the same time.”

Submitted photo

Worum works in design for Target Corp. Her illustrations cover the wall of venues like Urban Bean, and her framed art prints will arrive at CB2 in March. Jorgensen is a LEED-accredited designer and a tour guide at the Walker Art Center.

“I like the aesthetic that hand painting creates,” Jorgensen said.

Worum said she’s seeing clients move away from minimalism in design.

“I believe people are starting to reject the starkness of minimalism and are welcoming the idea of color, print and pattern to give their space more personality and warmth,” she said in an email.