Barnes & Noble remains open at Calhoun Village

The staff at Barnes & Noble want to assure customers they are still open at 3216 W. Lake St., even though the new owners of the Calhoun Village shopping center spent time negotiating with Walgreens to replace the bookstore.

“So far we have been unable to negotiate anything with our pharmacy user to take the Barnes & Noble space, so everything is going to stay status quo at this point,” said Tony Kuechle, Doran Companies’ senior vice president of development. “Everything would be subject to the lease of Barnes & Noble.”

“The Walgreens folks just decided that they didn’t want to go through a move,” said Doran Spokesman John Wodele. “…Never say forever in this business. Obviously retail trends change and business changes so you never make promises beyond a lease.”

Another Barnes & Noble store on Nicollet Mall will close this spring, according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

Barnes & Noble Assistant Manager Pete Richie said the Calhoun Village store is a high performer and customers are loyal.

“We tell them we’re staying open, and they do these little hand claps,” he said. “Our store has always performed well. We always hit our numbers.”

The store marks its 25th anniversary on Feb. 17.