Now open: Juiced Nutrition

Jeff Alspaugh, owner of Juiced Nutrition. Photo by Michelle Bruch

Juiced_5The sidewalk overlooking the north side of the Midtown Greenway features a new destination. Juiced Nutrition is open for business at 2839 Emerson Ave. S., opening at 6 a.m. to serve coffee and smoothies to early-morning fitness buffs.

The Guthrie Theater originally brought owner Jeff Alspaugh to Minnesota, where he worked for a decade as a stage manager. He’s lived in the CARAG neighborhood for 25 years.

“I’ve watched the neighborhood change and now grow just leaps and bounds,” he said.


Alspaugh previously worked in IT, and he retired from IBM a year-and-a-half ago to launch the business. He said the concept hit him suddenly as he was leaving a neighborhood workout.

“If someone was selling a protein shake outside I would spend seven bucks for that thing,” he said.

He said the menu concept is simple. Each customer picks a fruit (such as strawberry or blueberry), a green (choices include spinach and cucumber), protein (like whey or soy), and a mixer (such as coconut water, almond milk or yogurt).

“They’re not overly sweet and more balanced,” he said.

A citrus electrolyte is available with orange, lemon, raw honey and sea salt. The shop also serves toast with healthy spreads like fresh peanut butter or guacamole, and ingredients come from the Seward Co-op.

To decorate the shop, Alspaugh repurposed pallets for seating and found bike frames abandoned at Calhoun Square and MoZaic to affix to the overhead light fixtures.


The logo comes courtesy of a Hennepin Technical College class that pitched ideas for the brand. Alspaugh said he loves the results.

“It captures the essence of movement,” he said.