Thrifty Gypsy pop-up shop comes to CARAG Oct. 15

Photo by Christina Tucker

Christina Tucker’s business started with a search for the perfect pair of Christmas stockings.

“I decided I was tired of the cheap, linty stockings that I had,” she said.

Version 2She decided to make something cute herself by upcycling cable knit sweaters. Then she opened an Etsy shop called Burrow & Bramble and started cranking out stockings and visiting thrift shops to find old sweaters. She makes ornaments from sleeves, and uses the fabric for throw pillows as well.

Oct. 15 marks Tucker’s second pop-up shop with friend and co-worker Susan Anderson, who creates pottery, paintings and photos through her studio Metta Ren.

“We turn her adorable second-floor South Minneapolis unit into a pop-up shop,” Tucker said. “It’s a good chance for people to get their early holiday shopping done.”

She said about 200 people came through their first pop-up last spring. They put up signs around Uptown and drew in people who were out walking their dogs.

Tucker works full-time and spends her evenings and weekends on the business.

“I go hide away in my little Burrow & Bramble room and sew and take product photos,” she said. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun.”

For details on the pop-up shop, visit the Facebook event post.