Coming soon: CycleBar Uptown

CycleBar Uptown is offering free classes in its opening days Sept. 1-10.

A new cycling studio opens Sept. 1 at the ground floor of The Walkway apartments, featuring a DJ booth and happy hour rides.

“We want to create an experience, not a workout,” said CycleBar Uptown owner Zach Pettus.

The studio’s theater is filled with 50 Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes. Cyclists’ stats are captured and displayed during the 50-minute workouts, giving riders a chance to race, and each cyclist receives a follow-up email with tallied mileage, calories burned and RPM. DJs perform live from a booth on Thursdays, offering cyclists a copy of the playlist after each session.

Classes include unlimited fruit, Larabars and a water bar with chilled or room-temp water. Tuesday rides include frozen yogurt catered by the studio’s neighbor. A happy hour ride is every Friday, where complimentary beer and wine is served. Sunday brunch rides include coffee and mimosas.

“It’s a fun place for people to get a workout,” Pettus said.

Cyclebar 1

Pettus is a former professional at Cushman & Wakefield, a longtime cyclist and a former college athlete. He grew up east of Lake Harriet and lives four blocks away in The Wedge.

He said the studio will offer “CycleGiving” events, in which nonprofits can organize rides with all proceeds going to charity. One partner is the Pinky Swear Foundation, which aids families who have a child with cancer.

The CycleBar franchise is a year old, and Uptown is one of 100 locations opening in 2016.

“People are thirsty for something like this,” Pettus said.

Starting opening day on Sept. 1, CycleBar is giving away all of its rides free for 10 days. The studio is located at 2927 Girard Ave. S.