Three Rooms closes July 16

The handcrafted art business Three Rooms originally opened in Linden Hills in 1971.

3 Rooms 2Three Rooms is closing at 4388 France Ave. S.

“I have very mixed emotions about it,” said owner Patty Burrets. “I’m not quite ready for this, but it’s happening. … For 46 years I’ve been doing this.”

With the departure of her neighbor Brightwater Clothing, which was replaced by office space for Evereve, Burrets said it’s proven challenging to be the only retailer in the building.

She opened Three Rooms with seven other women in 1971.

3 Rooms 3

“In that day and age women stayed home and dressed the kids and fed the kids,” she said. “And we were out there out on our own.”

Merchandise is discounted until July 16, with a party following the close of business. Burrets said it’s going so well, she jokes they should have staged a continual going-out-of-business sale.

“It’s a good way to go out,” she said.