Now open: Red Garage Studio

Kingfield resident Allison Ruby has converted her garage into a gallery.

Allison Ruby’s garage has become a popup art gallery.

The garage has long served as Ruby’s studio, where in warmer months she paints, or builds furniture out of fallen sticks, or stores gardening tools for her edible gardening business.

Red Garage 2

Now she’s displaying work by several artists in weekend shows. At the first show in July, she’s hanging artwork on the garage walls, projecting film on a neighbor’s garage, and showcasing a bike by Karen Haselmann that pedals to make ice cream.

Ruby said she likes to bring art into situations that aren’t pretentious.

“That’s kind of the idea, to just bring it into the neighborhood,” she said.

Red Garage 3

Public art is a specialty for Ruby. She prefers artwork that shows the artistic imperfection of working by hand, and she likes art that has a little bit of humor. She created a human-sized birdhouse at the University of Minnesota, which stood in her front yard for a period of time. She’s also installed tiny scenes in tree holes around Kingfield.

“I put it in a place where they don’t expect it,” she said.

Ruby also maintains a garden humming with bees that’s filled with edible plants, and she consults on urban gardening through her business New Lawn Order.

Red Garage 4

The current show runs through July 18, featuring work by Ruby, Aaron Becker, Lisha Kirpalani, Brighton McCormick and Jim Hittinger.

Gallery hours are Friday-Sunday from noon-5 p.m. The next show runs Aug. 5-15.

A spoon-carving class taught by Jess Hirsch is slated for Aug. 21.

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