Indie business award winners

Out of 120-plus applicants, the Metro Independent Business Alliance is recognizing five winners of the first-ever Indie Business Awards.

The winners are:

IMAGEHAUS, for its consistent and long-term impact on the business community. The graphic design firm has donated more than $4 million in creative services since 2000, awarding quarterly grants to groups that help people in need.

Minneapolis Craft Market, a business in its beginning stages that is stepping to the forefront of the independent business community. The weekly craft market (based on the London street market concept) provides a place for emerging and established makers to show their work. The market appears every Sunday in July at Surly Brewing Co., and every Sunday in August at Able Seedhouse + Brewery.

Café Southside, a business committed to positively influencing the community through local sourcing and sustainable business practices. Serving fair-trade coffee and food from local bakeries, Café Southside opened at 3405 Chicago Ave. S. to provide a safe and welcoming gathering space for the community.

— Susan Campion, a citizen who advocates for local businesses in ways that inspire others. Campion’s “Giant Steps” conferences provide networking and support to hundreds of creative entrepreneurs.

Community Shares, a nonprofit that exemplifies giving back to the community. The 37-year-old nonprofit funds organizations that focus on root causes to end poverty, reduce violence, build affordable housing, provide health care, fight discrimination, win peace and meet urgent needs.

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