East Calhoun resident opens Farmington coffeehouse

Tim Yard Aylward, a former staffer at Coffee & Tea Ltd., opened a new coffeehouse in June called BlueNose in Farmington. A few Linden Hills regulars have already tracked him down and visited the shop off of Highway 3.

“I was ready to do my own thing,” said Aylward, an East Calhoun resident and father of a six-month-old daughter. He’s using a roaster in the front window left by the former Dunn Bros. He’s learning how to make croissants. And he’s relying on knowledge he gleaned from the 160 coffees available at Coffee & Tea.

“Tasting a couple of those every day is what gave me my basis for here,” he said.

The question most people ask — what is BlueNose? — refers to a person from Newfoundland, where Aylward traces much of his family roots.

“There are Yards and Aylwards everywhere,” he said. “It’s like being named John Smith.”