CrossFit Kingfield expands in Whittier warehouse

Danny Yeager (r), co-owner of CrossFit Kingfield. Photo by Michelle Bruch

In a warehouse where plumbers once parked their cars, people are working out in a repurposed gym by CrossFit Kingfield.

There is currently no sign on the building, but they may not need one.

“We’ve grown by word-of-mouth by at least 10 people a month,” said co-owner Danny Yeager, a former firefighter.

The studio is finishing an expansion and remodel that includes a mezzanine overlooking the gym with a lounge and changing rooms, a chiropractor’s office, and a training room with a turf floor.

CrossFit Kingfield 2

Each new patron receives one-on-one training prior to joining a class.

“We literally work with you until you’re ready to go,” Yeager said. “…We want to sell a lifestyle, not just a workout.”

Staff train endurance racers to squat, press, pull and carry to help them develop as athletes. Yeager said cyclists, for example, should also learn how to lift.

“It makes you better on your bike,” he said. “…Getting in shape is a whole body approach.”


Using a CompuTrainer system, riders can hook up their personal bikes and try out the Tour de France or the Wisconsin Ironman courses.

“You can keep your bike here in the wintertime,” Yeager said.

The studio at 2905 Garfield Ave. S. is now located across the street from where it was founded in 2012. The gym previously operated at 34th & Lyndale, but relocated after weights hitting the floor rattled neighbors’ homes.


As a former trainer at Calhoun Beach Club, Yeager has watched longtime clients continue to focus on fitness as they age. He’s started a 45-plus “masters” program to create a unique environment where people can feel comfortable training alongside others in their age bracket — two in the masters group have had knee replacements.

“They encourage the hell out of each other,” Yeager said. “We care less about abs in your 30s and more about hips in your 70s.”