Renamed Perennial Cycle hosting family rides

Luke Breen (r) changes his shop name from Calhoun Cycle to Perennial Cycle on Hennepin.

Perennial Cycle has been testing out its new name in the past month, hosting group rides in which cyclists visit record shops and eat up to 500 mini donuts.

The shop buried the former Calhoun Cycle name and its historical pro-slavery connotations in late March. Out of a long list of name ideas, “Perennial” was generated by the commercial art and printmaking studio Aesthetic Apparatus.

SignOwner Luke Breen said he was concerned about losing the shop’s name recognition. But he changed it anyway.

“I felt like it was worth that much,” he said.

Submitted_photoThe business also swallowed the cost of the signage change.

“It was my personal choice,” he said. “I was not about to do a Kickstarter.”

This summer, Perennial Cycle is planning more family rides and again hosting the Brompton Urban Challenge in late July. During the biking challenge, participants take a scavenger hunt to spots like the rabbit sculpture on Minnehaha Creek, taking photos along the way.

The shop loans out Brompton bikes for people to test ride around town.

“Not many people are going to buy it unless they really get their head wrapped around it,” Breen said.


He intends to loan cargo bikes for customers to try as well.

Breen said the shop is continually expanding its merchandise for growing numbers of bike commuters.

“It’s a really fun time in the cycling industry,” he said.