Mint Print goes independent after 30 years in business

The Mint Print team (l to r): Josie Kallenbach, Jeremy Ney, Sophia Zdon and co-founder Betsy Chan. Submitted Photo

Mint Print, 2520 Lyndale Ave. S.

Betsy and Jack Chan entered the printing business in 1985. Jack has retired, but Betsy’s career is far from over. She recently reopened as an independent print shop, leaving the Sir Speedy franchise to create Mint Print at 2520 Lyndale Ave. S. (Her daughters named the new brand.)

“We really have a good customer base, and I got so tired of paying royalties. So I made the decision to go independent,” she said.

The shop prints posters, business cards and postcards for clients including French Meadow, World Street Kitchen, real estate photographers and nonprofits like Citizens for a Loring Park Community.

“My husband used to have a saying … ‘We print everything but money,’” she said. “Every day is different, so it’s not boring.”

Mint Print 2The Chans originally opened their print shop at 2920 Chicago Ave. next to her parents’ restaurant. Betsy has a design degree from the University of Minnesota, which has helped with all the creative jobs that come her way.

Photo 2-print class_1985“When the Macs first came out, my husband Jack bought one, plopped it down in front of me and said, ‘Here, learn this.’ So I did. Now we print about 80 percent digitally and 20 percent on the offset press,” Betsy said.

She said it’s a challenge to compete with online-only services, but the shop has earned loyal customers over the years.

“A lot of customers like to come in and talk to us personally,” she said.

She’s noticed that the pace of work has increased over time — standard turnaround time was once two weeks, and now it’s less than two days.

“Not only does the day go by quickly in this fast-paced business, but the years have flown by,” she said.