Clinic Femina opens on Lake Street

A dermatologist of 30 years has opened a new practice at 1620 W. Lake St.

Dr. Scott Ross’s experience ranges from treating acne to skin cancer. He recently sold his prior practice, Skin Physicians, which included a location at 50th & France.

“I wanted to do something a little different,” he said. “If we could open up a clinic that caters to women head to toe and everything in between, maybe we could provide a service that’s not that common.”

Ross noticed that several of his patients who underwent plastic surgery were also taking anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications.

“Instead of dealing with lifestyle changes, a lot of doctors were prescribing Valium and Prozac,” he said. “I think there has been a huge increase in that lately.”

Ross is interested in restoring women’s health with alternatives to traditional medication. For menopausal women, for example, he offers “bioidentical” hormones produced by plants. He also suggests treatments like yoga, meditation, essential oils, massage therapy or acupuncture. A partner plastic surgeon provides services like tummy tucks, and Ross continues to perform liposuction.

Another treatment at Clinic Femina is called “ThermiVa.” Ross said it’s a method of tightening the vaginal wall without surgery, and it’s designed to tighten excess vaginal skin and improve urinary incontinence and sexual satisfaction.