Marissa’s Bakery and Supermarket slated for expansion

Marissa’s Bakery and Supermarket is slated for a vertical expansion on Nicollet.

The owner of Marissa’s Supermarket at 2750 Nicollet Ave. plans to add two floors to the building. A new warehouse would span the second level, and a new restaurant and reception hall would stand on the third floor with a rooftop deck.

Marissa's 4

Owner Isidro Perez said early this spring that the deck would provide a nice view to Downtown.

“Nobody has that in the area,” he said.

Marissa'sHe said the new restaurant would likely not be operated by Marissa’s, and said the details are not yet determined.

The warehouse would provide storage space for the existing bakery, grocery and tortilla manufacturer. The 19,980-square-foot addition would cover the north end of the building. The primary exterior material would consist of metal panels, with color options that include tan and either copper or dark bronze.

Perez said he anticipated an 18-month construction schedule, finishing up in November next year.