Landscape Love arrives at 44th & Nicollet

Landscape Love has moved into the former 44th Street Nursery, and they’re working to “de-70s” the building and green up the site. Submitted photo

The couple behind Landscape Love is moving their office out of the dining room and into the former 44th Street Nursery at 4355 Nicollet Ave.

Nan and Steele Arundel plan to green up the site and “de-70s” the building, stripping it down to look a bit more like its 1950s origins.

“We need to tear up a ton of concrete,” Nan said.

The building will likely not open to the public this summer, but they expect to create some kind of community space. Ideas that are floating around involve ice cream, a fire pit, plants and food trucks.

“It probably won’t be a traditional nursery,” Nan said. “There will be some community aspect to it. … It is important to us that it’s interactive.”

Submitted photo
Submitted photo

Nan teaches yoga at taraNa at 38th & Grand, and she’s co-creator of Gorilla Yogis, a movement that has taken yoga outside the studio to Open Streets, Target Field and other unexpected places.

Nan and Steele have owned their landscaping business for 10 years, and as it’s grown, Nan said the equipment has piled up at their house.

The longtime owner of the 44th Street Nursery, Ken Trombley, died in 2014 at age 84. Nan said Trombley’s story is remarkably similar to their own — his business outgrew his home and he needed more space, so he purchased the former gas station in the 1970s.

“We love that parallel, that a family owned it for 30 years,” Nan said.

They live in the Regina neighborhood, and Nan said they used to drive by the nursery and think: “Wouldn’t it be cool? …” but never thought it would be possible.

A text last year from real estate agent Brian Ehlers alerted them the nursery was closing and wasn’t on the market yet. Within days, they made an offer.

“We love this neighborhood,” Nan said.