Coming to Linden Hills: Kata organic cafe + fitness boutique

Kata is slated to open in May near 43rd & Upton. Photo by Michelle Bruch

Kata, an organic café coupled with a fitness boutique, is under construction in the former Extrados storefront at 4279 Sheridan Ave. S.

The lake house-inspired restaurant design will feature white brick, a lounge area, counter service, space for 30 interior seats and a sidewalk café.

“It will feel like it could almost be a house right there on Lake Harriet,” said co-owner John Leonard Mason.

Downstairs, a studio will provide space for yoga and kata classes. Kata refers to fundamental movements in martial arts, an area in which Leonard Mason has won world black belt championships.

The venue will serve breakfast (including an oatmeal bar and coffee), lunch (salads, sandwiches and flavor-infused waters) and dinner (with full entrées and wine glasses ready for date nights).

Balance is a key focus at Kata, and the owners expect all meals to be balanced: greens with poached eggs and pesto, for example, with fruit on the side.

Leonard Mason has previously worked at Optum and owned martial arts studios in New England and Kentucky. Co-owner Nick Leonard Mason has worked as a lawyer and owned sports bars in cities including New York and Fort Lauderdale.

They live in Fulton, and they have noticed the neighborhood’s active lifestyle, full of strollers, bikers and walkers. In addition to the fitness classes, they may coordinate group walks and bike rides.

“We’re really trying to embrace the lakes,” John said.

The opening is anticipated in May.