Cold-brew coffee startup Bizzy launches in Minneapolis

Bizzy Coffee, a cold-brew coffee concentrate drink, launched in March as a subscription service. Submitted photo

Two entrepreneurs have launched Bizzy Coffee, a cold-brew coffee subscription service, with the hope of pushing coffee past the morning cup of joe.

Co-founders Alex French and Andrew Healy of Minneapolis-based Get Bizzy Inc. are branding their shelf-stable coffee concentrate, one of the first of its kind to be offered via a subscription, as a healthier, more natural pick-me-up.

“We thought this was bigger than just coffee. We saw it really as a way for people to get energy,” Healy said. “This is going to replace energy drinks, carbonated drinks [and] sugary juices.”

Healy and French, two friends who grew up in New Brighton, Minn. and live in Minneapolis, say they caught the entrepreneurial bug years ago. They tried a few different ventures, including a fitness company focusing on training runners for intense obstacle courses and races.

“We weren’t sleeping much,” Healy said.

The two first turned to hot coffee for an extra boost for work and workouts, but the acid and the unrefreshing temperature got to them. That’s when they thought to do cold brew.

The two started taking brewing classes and making their first batches in Kindred Kitchen in North Minneapolis, eventually moving to a contractor to produce the cold-brew coffee once they locked in a bean blend and recipe.

“We devoted all the taste and all the research to the beans to make the best flavor,” Healy said.

Bizzy Coffee co-founders Andrew Healy and Alex French. Submitted photo
Bizzy Coffee co-founders Andrew Healy and Alex French. Submitted photo

Bizzy Coffee is an organic cold-brew coffee drink brewed as a concentrate and made from beans with three different origins and roasts. To make a cup of coffee, the two suggest adding two parts water, milk or cream. Healy and French describe its flavor as caramel- or chocolate-like with a smooth finish and natural sweetness (there’s no sugar added and no calories).

One 16-ounce bottle makes six cups of coffee. They estimate it has 68 percent less acid and three times more caffeine than the hot alternative.

Because Bizzy Coffee is a concentrate, the duo hope it will also be a natural addition for other beverages, from the home to the bar.

“Ultimately you can make it any which way. You can mix it with cocktails; you can put it in your smoothies or protein shakes. It’s really kind of an ingredient that allows people to do whatever they want,” French said.

Get Bizzy is partnering with food and drink bloggers to release cocktail recipes in the coming months. Their goal? To replace the vodka Red Bull.

Their ambition has caught the attention of Kieran Folliard, the entrepreneur who started 2 Gingers and founded the Food Building, a Northeast Minneapolis-based food startup incubator. Folliard has advised and invested in the startup, which is temporarily using the building in the Sheridan neighborhood as a warehouse.

Bizzy Coffee is currently available in boxes of four bottles via a subscription service. Coffee drinkers can choose the frequency (1-8 weeks) and pre-pay shipments in advance. The coffee has a year-long shelf life and is good three weeks after breaking the seal.

“Not only is this a beverage trend, but we’re playing to the purchasing or distribution trend,” Healy said.

Bizzy Coffee is available now at The company ships within the continental United States.

One 16-ounce bottle of Bizzy Coffee makes about six cups of cold brew. Submitted photo
One 16-ounce bottle of Bizzy Coffee makes about six cups of cold brew. Submitted photo