Beyond Repair opens at Midtown Global Market

Mike Wolf (l) and Beyond Repair founder Sam Gould. Photo by Michelle Bruch

IMG_2536Those who wander into Beyond Repair at the Midtown Global Market can find artwork inspired by rent checks, booklets printed with 19th century spiritualist photographs, and pamphlets on the role of Utopian thinking.

The shop has printed and bound more than a dozen titles since opening in late December. One publication censors out all repeated words in GOP candidate speeches, boiling the speeches down to their essence.

Sam Gould has spent about 15 years globetrotting, writing and taking commissions. He decided to spend the next 10 years working within walking distance of his house near Powderhorn Park. He said the Midtown Global Market is the perfect spot for neighbors to converse.

“It wouldn’t work anywhere else,” he said.

IMG_2541Gould spends his day printing material, chatting with passersby and explaining what Beyond Repair is all about.

“[Some] people take their time and intuitively get it, which is pretty amazing,” he said.

On its second day of operation, Beyond Repair hosted a discussion with the Black Panther Party’s Minister of Culture, Emory Douglas. In the future, guests will use library cards to check out books. There is a Saturday night reading group, a Saturday portrait project by artist Sean Smuda, a group for urban farmers to discuss food access, a group for health care workers, and a group for public defenders to evaluate police-community relations. All of the groups ask a form of the question: “What does a healthy neighborhood look like?”


Gould said he simply wants to keep the doors open, and create a place for 9th Ward neighbors to talk about their vision for the neighborhood.

“I’m really interested in people seeing this as a common space,” he said.

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