Tower Games moving north on Nicollet

Tower Games is moving from 48th & Nicollet to a retail space connected to Mulroy’s Body Shop at 3920 Nicollet Ave. The move allows more space for Star Wars game nights, Magic: The Gathering tournaments and weekly Dungeons & Dragons games.

“Our other space was super tight,” said owner Bob Seabold. “Gaming is pretty popular, it’s not just the domain of nerds anymore.”

When up to 50 people have arrived for store events, staff have pushed merchandise against the walls and accommodated some people playing on the floor. The shop hosts game nights nearly every night of the week.

Seabold is a longtime customer and new owner of the shop, which has been around since 2007.

“I love the atmosphere and the community,” he said. “It’s like a bookstore, it’s a labor of love.”

Seabold’s background is in freelance film and video production for clients like 3M and Xcel Energy. He worked as a grip for Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the late 90s. He recently launched a Kickstarter with friends to fund their new game “End of the Line,” which they have introduced at conventions across the country. (Their company Fight in a Box also created the game “Squirrel or Die.”)

Seabold describes the new game as a quirky Brady Bunch set in a post-apocalyptic world.

“Outlast your neighbors when mutants, famine, ammo shortages and other calamities make life difficult for your nuclear family,” states the Kickstarter tagline.

Tower Games is slated to move in late February. HB Fitness will expand into Tower Games’ old footprint.