SotaRol introduces Asian Fusion menu at 50th & Ewing

Credit: Photo by Isabel Subtil

Agra Culture co-owner Aaron Switz has been incubating a new restaurant concept at 5005 Ewing Ave. S.

SotaRol is more than a sushi place. There are sushi rolls filled with sweet potato and teriyaki sauce, SotaRitos (with choices like Korean ribeye and snow crab wrapped in soy paper) and dessert sushi (made with cream cheese and blueberry).

“You don’t have to be a sushi person to like the place,” Switz said.

The restaurant opened in November after sitting in development for well over a year. It’s been a busy period for Switz. He franchises Yogurt Lab locations under a separate ownership group, and operates Agra Culture locations in Uptown, Fulton, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

“We opened three restaurants in four months,” Switz said.

The brand includes a nod to Minnesota — tater tots are on the menu — meant to be recognizable when the concept goes national.

There are no peanuts, MSG, GMOs or gluten at the restaurant. The deep fried potstickers are made with rice panko — Switz said gluten-free customers are excited about the chance to have potstickers again.

Switz said he feels confident in the quality of ingredients. His family eats several meals a week from their restaurants. And he said he’s pricing the sushi lower than competitors.

“We’re making it affordable if you do want to eat it more regularly,” he said.

Delivery is available through BiteSquad and Caviar.