Now open: Scena Tavern

Credit: Scena Tavern serves house-made vermouth and more than 100 gins. Photo by Michelle Bruch

There are plenty of seats at the large bar taking center stage at the two-story Scena Tavern at 2943 Girard Ave. S.

Consulting chef Erik Anderson said he feels most at home behind the crudo bar, where they’re preparing diver-caught fresh scallops and hosting $100 10-course crudo and cocktail pairings.

All of the bread is baked in-house — including focaccia, pretzel roll and sourdough, stacked on the edge of the counter in front of a flaming oven.

The piadini (pizza) come with ingredients like scrambled eggs and cotechino (an Italian sausage). Anderson said he loves the “super simple” manila clam piadini with white wine, parsley and dried chilies.

“I think the food is really simple and really tasty,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun to cook too.”

Scena offers more than 100 selections of gin, and Bittercube is also making its own vermouth to pour into martinis like “2:1,” made with broker’s gin, mother’s dry vermouth and orange bitters.

Also, take note of the clock over the fireplace — each color of flashing light denotes the hour, minutes and seconds and does indeed report the time.