In the spotlight: Daalo Grill

Yemeni food is served at the Daalo Grill at 2627 Nicollet Ave. S., owned by cousins of a Somali family.

The restaurant is named for the Daalo mountain in Somalia, which stands in a vacation town that’s home to at least 400 bird varieties, staff explained.

Popular dishes include Fattah Timir/Fattah Moose, Yemeni croutons mixed with a choice of dates or bananas with honey and butter. The Fahsa includes shredded meat, vegetables and hilbeh (that’s Yemeni fenugreek salsa, according to Bon Appétit) served with warm pita bread. Hummus on the menu is topped with sautéed meat, pine nuts, olive oil and spices.

 The menu also offers whole lambs, typically ordered for weddings or memorials.