Extrados folds into reVamp! salonspa

Extrados has relocated from Linden Hills to Uptown, working under the roof of reVamp! on Hennepin.

When Extrados opened in 2004, founder Leah Simon-Clarke had been working in the beauty business since age 18 and decided to focus on brow care.

“I saw a niche in the community that hadn’t been filled yet,” she said.

She routinely travels to the coasts to scout for services and products that haven’t made it to the Midwest — she was once featured on “America’s Next Top Model” — and she’s planning further training in herbalism.

Simon-Clarke already has brow appointments booked into January 2017, but she isn’t turning away new business. She said the No. 1 mistake she sees in first-time clients is too much space between the eyebrows. She cautions against over-tweezing.

“We are now moving away from an overly sculpted eyebrow and desiring more of a soft or natural look,” she said.

Along with brow care, Simon-Clarke has resumed skincare services, including organic facials and “natural facelifts” designed to reverse the effects of gravity.

She brought the Éminence skincare line with her to reVamp!, which she prefers for its natural ingredients.

“You want it to be as quality-driven as organic food will be,” she said.

Simon-Clarke lives in Uptown and now enjoys the luxury of walking to work each day. She bike commuted the past two summers in Linden Hills, even placing her car insurance on hold during the summer of 2014 to cement the commitment.

Along with time away from the car, Simon-Clarke takes annual breaks from her cell phone for up to three months at a time. She said it’s great — plans stay firm, business communication continues via email, and cancelations require early notice.

“We have to be really conscious of the life we’re creating,” she said.

That attitude prompted Simon-Clarke to make the move to Uptown. As she neared the end of her lease, she realized she was still working seven days a week after 11 years in business.

“I was getting bogged down by the details of playing so many roles,” she said.

After spending hundreds of hours focusing on the quality of service at Extrados, Simon-Clarke said she felt comfortable moving to reVamp!, where she said founder Christopher Hopkins is known for quality.

“When we feel beautiful, we act in beautiful ways,” she said. 


Salon service photos by Katie Heymer; storefont photo by Social 360