New name, new designers at Harpers Bryn Mawr


411 Top Floor — a shop with its own patio — is now Harpers Bryn Mawr.

Co-founder Diane Pawlik said their store is perfect for people who want to wear clothing they won’t find on anyone else.

“We’re constantly looking for brands that are unique and of really good quality,” she said.

Pawlik founded the shop with Jeffrey Caron, who also owns Studio 411 SalonSpa. The salon is right downstairs, so it isn’t uncommon for salon patrons to shop with foil in their hair.

“Going into our third year, we wanted to become a destination boutique as well,” Pawlik said.

Caron’s good friends named their daughter Harper, and he always thought it sounded like a good name for a store. And Harper’s Official Golf Guide wrote about the Bryn Mawr golf course in the early 1900s, giving the shop name a tie to neighborhood history.

New designers at the store include Yoana Baraschi, Fifteen Twenty, Velvet by Graham & Spencer and Bailey 44.