Dinner Lab rolls out new memberships

The national dinner party pop-up concept now has both free and premium memberships.

Credit: Photo by Ryan Green courtesy of Dinner Lab

Dinner Lab, a national dinner party pop-up concept, is rolling out a new, tiered membership model.

The New Orleans-based company, which announced it would launch events in Minneapolis around this time last year, will now have free and premium memberships rather than a flat $125 annual fee. CEO Brian Bordainick said the tiered model widens the company’s audience to new diners.

“We wanted to open up the platform to people who maybe aren’t going to come out all the time, but want to come out once or twice a year where that pesky membership fee can be a discouraging factor,” Bordainick told the Journal. 

Dinner Lab now has a free membership that allows members to have access to the company’s pop-ups, self-described as “social dining experiments.” The premium Select Membership, with an annual cost of $175, gives members cheaper ticket prices, early notifications and access to members-only events.

After a year in Minneapolis, Dinner Lab has about 750 members in the Twin Cities area, Bordainick said. Local chefs and venues have also participated in the events, such as Lucas Rosenbrook of Restaurant Alma and the Walker Art Center. Dinner Lab has a goal of using local chefs in roughly half its events, though successful local chefs go on to do events nationwide. 

Diners who are curious about this “underground food community” can expect events to include five or more courses, drinks and cocktails, and open seating plans for no more than 120 people. The $50-80 per person per event cost includes tax and gratuity. The location is often kept secret until the night before. 

“Every dinner is different. Every dinner is an experience,” the company promises.

Memberships are available online at www.dinnerlab.com.