Taco Taxi food truck finds a new place to park

Taco Taxi has relocated from the parking lot at Nicollet & Lake to the former Champions lot at Lake & Blaisdell.

Proprietor Carlos Lopez said the corporate owners decided to stop allowing food trucks on the property. He found a spot to relocate with the assistance of the Lake Street Council.

Kmart issued the following statement:

“We made a decision to prohibit food trucks from our store parking lots due to various concerns, which include liability and proper waste disposal. If they could address these concerns, we would be willing to re-evaluate.”

The owner of Champions, meanwhile, is taking time to carefully select the next tenant, according to real estate broker Peter Dugan. Dugan said he is still marketing the property.

“The owner, because he is aware it’s such a prime spot and such a desirable location, he’s being very selective with the potential user of the site,” he said.

Taco Taxi hours are 10 a.m.-6 p.m. until the weather becomes “very cold.”