See Kitty Sew teaches classes in Armatage studio

Credit: Kristen Sekenski at her home studio, called See Kitty Sew. Photo by Michelle Bruch

For Halloween, Kristen Sekenski made 100 fabric superhero masks to pass out to trick-or-treaters. She’s teaching kids and adults to sew out of her home studio in Armatage, called See Kitty Sew.

Her weekly classes are designed to help students make whatever they are interested in. Kids are making tote bags, personalized pencil cases and bibs for little cousins. Adults have made throw pillows, quilts and even a Jeep cover.

Sekenski encourages everyone to learn, regardless of their Home Ec experiences.

“Anyone can learn to sew. … I got my brother sewing — he made scarves for his girlfriend,” she said. “Even adults who know how to sew are signing up, to learn how to make it look nice.”

Sekenski begged to try sewing as early as kindergarten. But whenever her mother sat down to teach her, the machine seemed to knot up and the lesson didn’t pan out. She was thrilled to finally learn the basics from her mother-in-law.

“Once I learned, I hit the ground running and I was sewing every day,” she said. “That was seven years ago. … My mom takes classes from me now.”

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