Ramen Kazama opens at 34th & Nicollet

The spiciest ramen dishes were some of the first to sell out during Ramen Kazama’s opening weekend.

Co-owner Josh Floring said he’s been guiding patrons through the menu based on their preferences for rich, spicy or vegetarian ramen, pointing to a menu that breaks down the ingredients in each dish. No deliveries here, as bowls of hot ramen are served with broth at a precise temperature.

Floring co-owns the restaurant with Matthew Kazama, who specialized in ramen while working at Fuji Ya.

“We’re adding our flavor of ambience and happiness,” Floring said.

Some of the sakes hail from Kazama’s hometown, and the restaurant serves pitchers of beer and kombucha from Prohibition.

Floring and Kazama built out the space themselves, aiming to pass on the savings to customers. Countertops are made of hundred-year-old floor joists found in a North Minneapolis salvage shop. A friend painted watercolors of staple ramen dishes: Shoyu (called Old School here), Tonkotsu (South Side), and Karamiso (Magma).

A team of people come in to make the gyoza — pan-fried pork pot stickers —by hand.