Now open: Lowry Hill Meats at Hennepin & Franklin

Credit: Erik Sather (center) helps a customer at Lowry Hill Meats, now open on Hennepin. Photo by Michelle Bruch

On a recent weekday at Lowry Hill Meats, a sandwich rush brought in a steady flow of customers, and owner Erik Sather seemed to know all of them. He pointed out chefs and friends from Seward Co-op, Coastal Seafoods and Red Table Meat Co. Everyone should know their neighborhood butcher, he said.

Lowry Hill Meats buys whole animals from farmers — you can see them hanging in a walk-in freezer in back — so staff encourage customers to try new cuts of meat.

Sather said he’s been answering lots of questions, recommending braised lamb belly and explaining that spider steaks take marinades and rubs well. 

“These are things we like to eat, so we thought we might as well sell them to people too,” he said.

Sather is running Lowry Hill Meats with his wife Tiffany, who he met while working at Corner Table.

“We know we can work with each other,” he joked.

The display cases are filled with unsliced bacon, green chorizo, bone-in lamb loin and brisket. Espresso drinks and pork shoulder on focaccia are made to order. A fridge near the register is filled with chicken stock, beef stock, lard and duck fat. There is Country Castle Limburger cheese, Gray Duck Chai’s Nine Spice Blend, FierceFerments kimchi and Hope Creamery butter.

After working at Clancey’s in Linden Hills for a few years, Sather noticed that customers wished they had a place to sit.

 “I’d take all these mental notes,” he said. “…It seems like we filled a void.”