Now open: Fjällräven

A store created by the Swedish inventor of framed backpacks is open on Hennepin, selling parkas, packs and other outdoor gear.

Manager Max Strand said the company is focused on sustainability, using paraffin and beeswax to provide waterproofing. The down comes from geese raised on free-range farms, and it’s taken as a byproduct of the meat industry.

“We can’t destroy that same environment we’re trying to go out and enjoy,” he said.

Strand said Fjällräven has opened three Minnesota stores in the past four months, and he noted that Uptown has become a shopping district for outdoor gear.

One of the store’s popular sellers is the Luhkka cape, inspired by capes worn by indigenous Sami people of the Arctic. The Kånken is another Fjällräven staple, which is a school bag often seen on college campuses.

The Swedish translation of Fjällräven is Arctic fox. The company works to boost the struggling Arctic fox population by providing equipment and donations for research and food supplementation.