Local Crate brings local food to the door

A new subscription service launching this fall ships locally-sourced ingredients and menu ideas to doorsteps. Food and recipes come from local restaurants and farms.

Prairie Dogs, for example, offers an easy recipe featuring its Backyard Brats in a white bean and sausage cassoulet. (Directions include the moment to pour a glass of wine.)

Another more challenging recipe is a vegetarian ricotta gnocchi with butternut squash and caramelized onions. (We never would have independently attempted making gnocchi from scratch at home, but the recipe was a success.)

Ingredients come from places like Red Table Meat Co. and Prairie Hollow Farm in Elgin, Minn. Recipes are generated by people like Peter Campbell of Red Wagon Pizza, Stephanie Meyer of freshtart.com, and Daniel Klein of The Perennial Plate.

For every crate that is delivered, Local Crate will donate a meal to Finnegan’s Community Fund to help alleviate hunger.

A Kickstarter campaign raised more than $17,000 to help pay for the launch.

Subscribers pick meal preferences and receive weekly food deliveries at their home or office. Users can pause, cancel or skip meals at any time.

For more information, visit localcratemeals.com.