Kingfield resident leads fitness trips to Mexico

Credit: Strength training on the terrace is part of Marianna Padilla’s fitness-focused trip to San Miguel de Allende. Submitted image

Kingfield resident Marianna Padilla — vegetarian cooking instructor, organic gardener, strength trainer in the class “Women with Balls” — is leading winter escapes to Mexico that are focused on fitness.

She’s headed to San Miguel de Allende, a historical town with cobblestone streets, no traffic lights and lodging built into the side of a steep hill.

Climbing is part of the experience for Padilla, who plans hikes, stair-walking, and strength training on outdoor terraces.

“You can go on vacation and stay strong and be active and healthy,” she said.

Padilla’s itinerary generally includes trips to organic farmers markets, galleries, hot springs, and an off-the-grid ranch for horseback riding.

Padilla has traveled to Mexico since age 19, and she initially started leading trips about eight years ago for women.

“It’s hard for women to go by themselves,” Padilla said. “There are other issues you have to consider being female.”

Upcoming trips on Feb. 5-15 and March 3-13 are open to couples as well. Padilla tries to make trips affordable, generally $850-$1,000 excluding food and transportation.

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